Schedules were posted last night, however they were updated a few times within the last 24 hours.  Please feel free to use the schedules that are posted now. (117)

Dubuque Independent League Shirts Are Now Available!

If you would like a shirt get in contact with Bob Meisenburg, you can find his information under League Contacts. The shirts are $10 for youth small through adult xl, and $12 for adult 2xl.





dilb shirt (89)

Dubuque Independent League Dicks Sporting Goods Sale

Dicks Sporting Goods has given a coupon to the Dubuque Independent League, and all participants in the DILB.  The link below will allow you to print the coupon which is good March 14th and March 15th from 10am to 7pm each day.


Dubuque Independent League Apparel

If you would like to order Independent League Apparel, please fill out the form below.  If you have any questions please contact Bob Meisenburg.


Coaches:   Please let parents know if they would like to order any apparel with the Independent League logo, they can get their gear now!!


Baseball Pickup and Fees Night

Baseball pickup is March 24th, at Dubuque Sports Complex.  All coaches need to bring team fees.  All coaches who have first year players must have birth certificates, and proof of residency. Times to pick up baseballs and provide all other documents are as followed:

D League:6:30-7:00

C League:7:00-7:15

B League 7:15-7:30

A League 7:30-8:00 (138)

Dicks Sporting Goods Sale

Dicks Sporting Goods has gave a coupon to the Dubuque Sports Complex, and all participants in the DILB.  The link below will allow you to print the coupon which is good February 28th and March 1st from 10am to 7pm each day. (161)

Registration is now open

Registration is now open for the 2015 year.  Please register your child and coaches at the link below



Amendment to Rules Effective 2015 Season

1.   Rule 2 of the Independent League Rules and Regulations effective 2014 are hereby amended for the 2015 playing season for the purpose of opening up “A” and “B” levels to all players, regardless of school attendance and residency (hereafter “open player”), in an effort to increase the number of players and to fill existing rosters at the “A” and “B” levels.   To be eligible, a player must be a 5th through 8th grader.  There will be no exceptions for open players younger than 5th grade.  All “A” and “B” level teams must provide completed rosters to the Dubuque Independent League on or before January 27th, 2015.  Rosters at the “A” and “B” level will be limited to 12 players, unless a team has more than twelve returning players from the previous year, in which case that team’s existing roster will be exempt from this 12 player limitation and will be limited to the number of returning existitng players. Upon timely submission of the completed rosters, teams will then be allowed to pick up open player(s) to fill their respective team’s roster. In filling a team’s roster with open players, rosters shall be age balanced, i.e. for an “A” level team, the roster shall consist of six 7th graders and six 8th graders.

Any request for an exception or variance of this Amendment must be made by request to the League president.  The Board of Directors of the Dubuque Independent League reserves the right to interpret and enforce the provisions of this Amendment.

To the extent that this Amendment does not alter or replace the existing Independent League Rules and Regulations, the Rules and Regulations shall remain in full force and effect.



Coaches Meeting

Coaches meeting Tuesday January 27th 7:00 at Happys Place on Rockdale Road.  D League Coaches please meet at Happys at 6:15. (197)

Tournament Dates

Tournament Dates are below:


Rising Stars 8u and 12u are on May 30th and 31st

Rising Stars 10u and 14u are on June 13th and 14th

End of the year tournament is July 17th, 18th, & 19th (164)