Coaches meeting (Rescheduled)

The coaches meeting, scheduled for tonight, has been rescheduled due to the weather.  It will be next Tuesday at the same time, but will be at Happys


Coaches Meeting

Coaches meeting is still this Tuesday at 7pm, but it will be at Rhodies (bar out by dubuque fairgrounds).  Happys Place had something booked that they didn’t mention, so we had to move the meeting.  Thank you, please pass this on to all coaches in your organization.  If you have any questions feel free to call Bob Meisenburg at 563.580.4619


Coaches Meeting

Coaches meeting January 10th at 7pm at Happys place in key west.  Please bring all roster information, and waiver information.


Games for tomorrow night 7/21

Makeup games for the tournament tomorrow, Thursday July 21st are postponed until Monday July 25th, due to the heat advisory.


End-of-year tournament makeup games

A and c leagues makeup games are on Tuesday.


B and d leg makeup games are on Thursday.


All coaches should have received the bracket by now, if not contact Bob meisenburg at 563-580-4619


EOY Tournament

Due to weather, we are going to cancel the tournament for today.  A and B will be made up Tuesday, and C and D will be made up on Wednesday.  We will make sure all of the coaches have times later today.


End of Year Tournament Brackets

Just so all coaches know, we are going to cut off C League and B League after tonight, so parents and coaches can make plans for this weekend.  This is not an “official” finish place, but just need to seed the tournament.  Thanks everyone for understanding.  If you have any questions please feel free to call Bob Meisenburg at 563.580.4619


Rising Stars Shirts

There are still shirts available, if anyone is interested.  Please contact Bob Meisenburg at 563.580.4619 if interested.


Games Cancelled

Games for tonight June 15th are cancelled due to all of the rain last night.


Games Cancelled

Games for tonight June 14th have been cancelled due to weather