Bat Rule for 8U

The bat rule for 8u has changed.  Beginning this season 8U kids can now use a 2 5/8″ barrel (73)

Fall Coaches League

Each Fall Dubuque Independent League Baseball elects new board members for the league. This year we have the following openings on the board.

The Vice President (One Position Open)
1. Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term
2. Aids the president and takes his place when asked to do so
3. Takes over for the president when he is unable to perform his duties

The Treasurer (One Position Open)
1. Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term
2. Handles all of the organization’s finances
3. Keeps a record of income and expenses
4. Prepares financial reports
5. Help the president with the annual budget

The Eight Person League Board (Five Positions Open)
1. Aids the president when called upon
2. Used as an arbitration board when the president or the executive board deems necessary.

All members of the board will be asked to be present at monthly board meetings during the offseason and during the season when necessary. If you are interested in any of these positions please email Tracy Connolly at or call 563.451.2379. If you have any questions prior to volunteering for a board position please contact Tracy or any current Board Member. The current board member’s contact information can be found on the league website at

Coaches and parents are encourage to volunteer. Elections will take place at the Coaches meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00pm at EMB at The Dubuque Sports Complex. Each team at each level needs to have a representative present at this meeting. At the coaches meeting on October 21st we will briefly discuss any submitted league or rule changes that need to be addressed in the off season. Please submit any suggested changes prior to the meeting to a board member.

Thank you! (199)

2014 Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 2014 Hall of Fame inductees!

Austin Clemens
Sam Noel
Jared Walker
Anthony Ruden
David Fitzgerald
Chris Tomkins
Dan Millius
Brady Breitbach


Final Results

Congratulations on a great year…

A League

1st – Reds
2nd – Twins
3rd – Brewers
3rd – Padres
COY – Pat Connolly (Padres)
Sportsmanship – Yankees

B League
1st – Hawks
2nd – Twins
3rd – Reds
4th – Brewers
COY -Gary McDonnell (Dodgers) & Terry Schulting (Warriors)
Sportsmanship – Warriors

C League
1st – Blue Jays
2nd – Brewers
3rd – Dodgers
4th – Twins
COY – Greg Brosious (Hawks)
Sportsmanship – Astros

D League
COY – Tom Sullivan (Twins)
Sportsmanship – Warriors


EOY Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the EOY Tournament winners…

A League

B League

C League

D League