Games postponed

Tonight’s 530 games are now at 600, and will be played with a 70 minute time limit. ¬†Please check the website frequently to see any changes (69)

Schedules updated 6-23, missed D games & 6-22 Rain out

Sorry, I missed some D games from June 15, they are moved to July 16.

Rain out games from Monday June 22 moved to July 20 (97)

Games are Cancelled

Games for tonight June 22nd are Cancelled. (51)

Schedule updates posted

Schedules have been updated. Please check all schedule dates and times for changes. Please try and make these schedules work because there are not many other options. (135)


Congratulations to the following teams on their performances this weekend:

A League Championship Bracket East Dubuque Warriors over Dubuque Brewers

A League Consolation Bracket Dubuque Cubs over Dubuque Padres

C League Championship Bracket Dubuque Hawks over Dubuque Blue Jays

C League Consolation Bracket W/S Warhawks over Dubuque Brewers (57)

8u Games Cancelled

8u games have been cancelled for tonight June 15th. 12u games are still on (78)

Rising Stars

14U got 4 games in. We will resume play at 2 pm unless you hear differently.

10U got 6 games in. We will resume at 2pm unless you hear differently.

Please continue checking this page or facebook. (92)

Rising stars

10u rising stars is on time

14u is delayed 1 hour (79)

Games cancelled

Games are cancelled for tonight June 12th. (55)

Games Cancelled

Games for tonight June 11th are cancelled. (74)