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Rules & Regulations

Independent League Rules and Regulations 
(any copies of rules and regulations prior to January 2018 are obsolete) 

1. Criteria for eligibility. 
a. "A" level will be comprised of 7th and 8th graders and/or players who were born on or after May 1, 2003.
b. "B" level will be comprised of 5th and 6th graders and/or players who were born on or after May 1, 2005 . 
c. C" level will be comprised of 3rd and 4th graders and/or players who were born on or after May 1, 2007. For safety reasons a player must be a minimum of 7 years old on or before of the current year to play. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of games that player played in. 
d. "D" level will be comprised of 1st and 2nd graders and/or players who were born on or after May 1, 2009 . 
e. 'E" level will be comprised of players who were born on or after May 1, 2009. For safety reasons, a player must turn a minimum of 5 years of age at some time during calendar year 2017 to be eligible to play in the Dubuque Independent Baseball League. 

2. Starting with the 2005 season any new player must l) be attending one of the Dubuque Community Public or Parochial Schools or 2) reside in a permanent domicile in the city of Dubuque or 3) be a resident of the city of East Dubuque or attend an East Dubuque Community School, except as set forth in paragraph d. 
a. Once a player enters the league legally, that player and any siblings are eligible to participate in the league through A league as long as that player/family continuously remains on the roster of an Independent League team grand-fathered"). 
b. This covers families that move outside of DBQIEast DBQ and go to school outside the DBQ I East DBQ school districts. 
c. Temporary addresses will not constitute residency to establish eligibility (i.e. Residing temporarily with a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, etc). 
d. In an effort to increase the number of players to fill existing rosters at the "A" and "B" levels, the league is open to all players, regardless of school attendance and residency (hereinafter "open player"). To be eligible, a player must be a 5 th through 8th grader. There will be no exceptions for open players younger than 5 th grade. All "A" and "B" level teams must provide completed rosters to the Dubuque Independent League on or before the date established annually by the League. Rosters at the "A" and "B" level will be limited to 12 players, unless a team has more than 12 returning players from the previous year or within the franchise, in which case that team's existing roster will be exempt from this 12 player limitation and will be limited to the number of returning players or players within the franchise. In filling a team's roster with open players, rosters shall be age balanced, i.e. for an "A" level team, the roster shall consist of six 7th graders and six 8th graders. 

3. Rosters will be reviewed for compliance with eligibility requirements prior to the start of each season: 
a. Any players not meeting eligibility requirements will be investigated to determine if they meet the "grand-fathered" clause. 
b. If the player's eligibility is in question after initial investigation, a letter will be prepared by the Board to the player's coach. The coach will then be required to obtain from the parents proof of residence or proof of attendance at a DBQ or East DBQ school (such as a report card) within the period of time stated in the letter. 
c. If the player in question does not comply with the request or does not have valid proof of DBQ/East DBQ residence or attendance at a 
DBQ/East DBQ school, then the player's coach and parents/legal guardians will be notified and the player will be ineligible to compete in the Dubuque Boys Independent League, immediately. 
d. Use of an ineligible player after a coach is notified will be a rules violation and subject to a suspension based on the league's suspension process. 
e. In addition, if a player that is declared ineligible by the league plays in a league game, that game will be forfeited by that team. 

4. In addition to the Dubuque Boys Independent League Board reviewing rosters for eligibility requirements, the League may become aware of a player not meeting eligibility requirements through communications from another coach or parent. 
a. For any player that is in question for which the Board believes necessary to seek proof of eligibility, the same procedures will be followed as outlined above. 

5. Current players in the league that did not meet eligibility requirements when entering the league originally will not be "grand-fathered" unless they can currently meet the eligibility requirements of the league. 

6. Once a player has been accepted on a high school baseball team, that player may participate on any Independent League team during league play, including the End of Year League Tournament. Pitches thrown by a player at the high school level shall be counted in the pitches thrown count as set forth in the Dubuque Independent League Pitching Limitations/Guidelines. 

7. Coaches are responsible for having a copy of a certified birth certificate in the event a player's eligibility is challenged. All players in the league must present this proof to be eligible to play in the Dubuque Independent League. Player and Parents Code of Conduct must be renewed each year of play. 

8. Players may compete on more than one team of the same franchise if their age allows provided they are properly registered on one of the teams in the franchise. 
a. A player can participate at two levels but must choose which level they want to pitch at and may only pitch at that level. To change that decision the player first must obtain the league president's approval. Penalty for pitching in two levels is a forfeit. A player that has played their season at certain level only may not play down even though age eligible just to bolster a team at the end of the year tournament. 

9. There will be a league fee for each "A", "B", "C" and "D" team. This fee will be set by the board for each season according to the needs of the league. The league fees and team roster must be turned in no later than 5 days prior to the 1st game of the season. Included in the fees, each team at "A", "B", and "C" levels will receive 2 dozen baseballs. "D" level will receive I dozen baseballs. All teams also receive their entry fee paid into the Rising Stars Tournament and the End of Year Tournament. 

10. At least I new baseball must be used to start each game. This must be a league approved baseball. The baseballs used for the game will be provided by the home team. The ball should be left on the mound between innings. 

11. The score sheets for the games will be furnished by the league. At "At , "B" and "C" levels The umpiring crew will maintain the official scoresheet, tracking the score, pitchers used, and other information. The official score sheet must be signed by a coach from each team and the game umpires at the conclusion of the game. The umpire crew is responsible for turning in the score sheets immediately following the game to the score sheet box in the concession stand at the Dubuque Sports Complex. 

12. No protest will be allowed on any judgment call by an umpire. A protest will be allowed only on a direct rule violation. This pertains to federation and League Rules. Coaches must notify the umpire and opposing coach before the next pitch that the game is being played under protest. The protest must be presented to the league president within 24 hours of the conclusion of the protested game. The president will make a decision according to Federation and League Rules. The head coach or I person designated will be the only person discussing a call. 

13. Schedules will be drawn up prior to the season. Schedules should be followed if at all possible. The Executive Board will set up schedules for season play. 

14. Team rosters are frozen 5 days before the start of the season for "A" level. Team rosters are frozen on June 14th for "B" and C level teams. Team rosters for "D" level teams are open throughout the season. A player must play in at least 4 regular season games to be eligible to play in the end of the season tournament at "A", "B", "C" and I 'D" levels. 

15. All players must have a league provided player Code of Conduct signed electronically by the parents and the player through the League's online registration process ( This form must be turned in for every player when they join a team and for every year of play in Independent League after the initial season. This information will be added to the official team roster of that team. If a player plays without a signed contract or without being on a team's roster then that is an illegal player and that team will forfeit any games that player participated in. 
a.  All persons coaching and parents of players must sign the Code of Conduct through the League's online registration process. Any game a coach or player has participated in without submitting this will be forfeited. 

16. All parents and coaches will have a league provided Parent Code of Conduct and/or Coach Code of Conduct signed electronically by the respective parent and/or coach through the League's online registration process (see registration tab on website).

17. The Dubuque Boys Independent League seeks to foster an environment of positive support, care and encouragement. The respective player, parent, and coach Code of Conduct outline behaviors designed to facilitate quch an environment. The Board of Directors has adopted a discipline policy attached as Appendix A to these Rules and Regulations to guide the Board of Directors in addressing the actions of those who violate the respective Code of Conduct. Such discipline policy is intended as a guideline and should not be interpreted as precluding the Board of Directors for taking any action deemed appropriate based on the individual facts and circumstances of the situation. 

18. A player at the "A", "B", and "C" levels cannot move to another team at will. The only way that a current player can move to another team is to go through the waiver process. Players can only be run through the waiver process at the spring meeting of the Dubuque Independent League. Waiver forms must be given to a League Board Member prior to the assigned Waiver Deadline to be considered for waivers. At the "D" level, a player can move to another team without any waiver process. This may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Explanation: Any player that was not on a Dubuque Independent League team roster the previous season is declared a free agent. They can become a member of any team that 
wants them or they may join any team of their choice. If a player voluntarily or involuntarily leaves an organization for any reason: 
(a) prior to June 15 of a given season, that player is eligible to become a free agent for the following season. 
(b) after June 15 of a given season, they may 
i. Participate in the waiver process at the January meeting so as to not forego the beginning of the season; however, if the player is claimed the player must play for the organization that selects him or sit out that entire season. The waiver process involves the team from the previous season with the poorest winning record getting the first chance in picking up the player and so forth. If no team wants to claim the player then they are declared a free agent and can play for any team he wants to. One (1) at bat or (l) defensive play constitutes an entire season. Coaches are 
cautioned about tampering with players from other teams to get them to join their team. 
ii. Elect to sit out until June 15 of the following season at which time they are eligible to become a free agent and join any team that agrees to accept the player onto their roster. 

19.The dissolution of a team will be determined in concert by Organizational Leadership and the DILB Board of Directors.

20. If a team cannot play a scheduled game, notification must be made to the League President and Director of Scheduling no less than 48 hours in advance of that game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

21. If a Player or Coach is ejected from a game the penalties will be:
a) First ejection will result in suspension of 1 game in addition to the remainder of the game where ejection occured. The 1 game suspension must be served during the next team league game played.
b) Second ejection will result in indefinite suspension from DILB sponsored games pending board review
i. Suspension must be appealed to DILB Board for review

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