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To teach kids discipline, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle through the medium of baseball.

ESTD 1968

E League Rules


The E level of the Dubuque Independent League is the entry level into playing organized baseball. Winning and losing should not be what is important but teaching players the necessary skills to play baseball should be the focus. League standings or game score will not be kept for the E level.

The following rules pertain to the E level only and take the place of any similar rules used by other levels of the Dubuque Independent League.


1.         The player must at least turn (5) years old during the current calendar year.

2.         The E League player fee is $75.00 (plus applicable processing fee) paid to via credit card during registration.     

Batting Rules:

1.         All teams will use a line up and players will bat round robin. (This is mandatory) This means all players will bat before the first batter bats a second time.

2.         Bats used at the E level may be no greater than 2 3/4 inches in diameter.  There are no other restrictions on eligible bats at this level.

3.         There are no walks, and each batter will be given six strikes.  After the sixth strike, the batter will hit off a tee.

4.         A coach will pitch to his or her own team and another coach from the batting team will catch. Coaches may use multiple baseballs to speed the pace of play. The pitcher and catcher will be the only ones that will call strikes.

5.         A batter / runner may still run the bases if they make an out. The offensive coach will make the decision. Remember this is an instructional level.

6.         In the event of an overthrow, runners CANNOT advance to the next base. Batters and base runners will advance only one base on each ball put into play. Remember this is an instructional level.

Fielding Rules:

1.         When playing the outfield ā€“ teams will fill the infield positions (pitcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B and 1-2 outfielders (optional). Coaches will be positioned amongst the infielders to instruct players.

2.         Additional defensive players not playing the infield will go with their coaches to the outfield for additional hitting / fielding practice. This allows more players to be active participants and gives the infielders opportunities to field a ball without competing with teammates.

3.         An inning is over after all players on the team have batted one time even if the defensive team has recorded three outs.

Game Rules:

1.         Each game will consist of three complete innings or 70 minutes (whichever comes first). Please make transitions between innings as fast as possible.

2.         Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout. Away team will occupy the 1st base dugout. 

3.         Multiple coaches are allowed on the field to help position kids for the team in the field. Multiple coaches are allowed on the field for the batting team, a pitcher, first base, third base coach and one at second base coach to assist runners when necessary.

4.         There is no stealing and home plate is closed. A runner may not lead off until the batter hits the ball. There is no bunting at the E level.

5.         The league will provide eight youth t-balls. These balls will be used for all games.

6.         Remember, no score will be kept during games. This is an instructional league to give the kids knowledge of baseball positions, base running, and etiquette. 

NOTE: Absolutely no carry-in are allowed in the complex. Individual water bottles are permitted.

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