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To teach kids discipline, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle through the medium of baseball.

ESTD 1968

Coaches Code of Conduct


The purpose of this document is to ensure that coaches of players involved in the Dubuque Independent League Baseball program are made aware of and are participants of the Leagues 'No Nonsense to Violence and Good Sportsmanship' involving coaches, players, parents and fans. Each coach must sign a code of conduct. The Dubuque Independent League will not tolerate profanity or hostile and disruptive outbursts by coaches, players, parents, or fans. AS PART OF INDEPENDENT LEAGUES RISK MANAGEMENT, I HEREBY AGREE THAT DUBUQUE BOYS INDEPENDENT LEAGUE MAY INITIATE A BACKGROUND CHECK ON MYSELF AND MY ELIGIBILITY TO COACH IS SUBJECT TO LEAGUE APPROVAL. 

- I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my players participating in the Dubuque Independent League Baseball Program by following this Code of Conduct.

- I shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest desirable ideals of character.

- As the coach I must always consider the well-being of the players.

- I shall be thoroughly acquainted with the rules and regulations of competition, and shall be responsible for their interpretation to team members. I shall not try to seek an advantage by circumventing the spirit or letter of the rules.

- Umpires shall have the respect and support of myself as a coach. I will not indulge in conduct, which will incite the players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of any umpire, player or coach is unethical.

- I shall respect my opponents, display gracious behavior during competition and require my players to conduct themselves in similar fashion. After the game, the players and coaches shall exchange handshakes with the opposing team as a matter of good sportsmanship.

- I shall actively use my influence to enhance sportsmanship by my players, parents and fans. As the coach I realize that I am ultimately responsible for the actions of myself, the players, parents and fans.

- I will not consume alcoholic beverages before, during or in between games.

- I shall be aware that when competing in non-Independent League games that my team and I are still representing the Dubuque Independent League and are subject to the Code of Conduct.

- I will recognize the importance of the athlete’s academic development and promote the proper balance between athletic and academic activities. 

Failure to observe the code of conduct could result in forfeiture of your team’s game and disciplinary action taken towards the coach, player, parent or fan.

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