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To teach kids discipline, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle through the medium of baseball.

ESTD 1968

DILB Constitution and ByLaws


(Any copies of the constitution and bylaws prior to January 2010 are obsolete)


I.  Independent Baseball League


II. Purpose of the Organization 

A.    The purpose of the league is to teach discipline, sportsmanship, and the fundamentals of baseball. 


B.     This is to be achieved by enforcement of the rules of the league, president, league board, coaches and umpires.


III. Membership 

A.   Any adult who wants to coach and organize a team may request membership

      into the league and must be prepared to follow the rules of the league if

      selected by the League Board of Directors. 


B.   Anyone who wants to umpire, become a board member, league officer, or

      work on a committee can apply for membership. 


C.   Members are selected by the Board of Directors of the League who determines

      whether there is an opening to add or fill a vacancy or if the member qualifies

      to hold an office, aid a committee or lead a team. 


D.    There will be a league fee for each "A", "B", "C" and “D” team.  This fee will be set each season by the board in regards to the needs of the league as to what has to be done. The league fees must be turned in five (5) days prior to the start of the season


E.     When voting on a Bylaw or Rule change there must be a quorum of the Executive Board and Eight Person Board present to hold the vote. A change needs to have 2/3 or 66% of the votes to pass.


IV. Officers 

The membership will elect officers and open seats on the eight person board at the Dubuque Independent League’s September meeting. Voting will consist of one voting representative from each of the A, B, C, and D levels of each franchise.


A.    The President

1.      Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term     

2.      Presides over all meetings

                        3.  Supervises the work of other officers and committees

                        4.  Represents the organization

                        5.  Resolves any disputes involving the rules and determines any protested games

                        6.  Enforces the official rules

                        7.  Establish committees

                        8.  May suspend any player, manager, coach, or umpire for violation of these rules

                        9.  Can call on the eight person board if he feels he needs their assistance


    B.     The Vice President

                        1.  Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term

                        2.  Aids the president and takes his place when asked to do so

                        3.  Takes over for the president when he is unable to perform his duties


            C.  The Treasurer

                        1.  Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term

                        2.  Handles all of the organization's finances

                        3.  Keeps a record of income and expenses

                        4.  Prepares financial reports

                        5.  Help the president with the annual budget


           D.  The Secretary

                        1.  Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term

                        2.  Notifies members of scheduled meetings

                        3.  Keeps and reads minutes

                        4. Files copies of committees reports

                        5. Handles correspondence

                        6. Handles Social Media and Website communications


E. Director of Scheduling

1.      Shall be elected by league coaches and board members for a two year term

2.      Is responsible in organizing the Rising Stars and End of Year League Tournaments.

3.   Is responsible for the scheduling of League Games at all levels


F.      The Eight Person League Board

                1. Aids the president when called upon

                 2. Used as an arbitration board when the president or the executive board deems necessary 

3. The Eight Person Board must include one member from each league.     The remaining four members would be considered at large members. The Eight Person Board will consist of four members on a one year term and four members on a two year term.         


            G.  The Umpire in Chief

1.      Schedules umpires for games and tournaments

                2.   Teaches new umpires the league rules and what the league requires of them


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