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To teach kids discipline, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle through the medium of baseball.

ESTD 1968

2021 D League Rules


(Any rules prior to November 10, 2022, are obsolete)

The D level of the Dubuque Independent League is the entry level into playing organized baseball. Winning and losing should not be what is important but teaching players the necessary skills to play baseball should be the focus. League standings will not be kept for the D level.

The following rules pertain to the D level only and take the place of any similar rules used by other levels of the Dubuque Independent League.

Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout. Away team will occupy the 1st base dugout. 

1.    All teams will use a line up and players will bat round robin (this is mandatory). This means all players will bat before the 1st batter bats a second time. All players must bat and play the field during the game. 11 fielders should be on the field, unless agreed to before the game by the coaches.

2.    Bats used at the D level may be no greater than 2 3/4 inches in diameter. There are no other restrictions on eligible bats at this level.

3.    There are no walks and a batter can strike out, the batter will be given 4 strikes.

4.    The coach will pitch to his or her own team and the coach will be the only one that will call strikes.

5.    In the event of an overthrow or multiple overthrows during the same play, only 1 base will be taken. Remember this is an instructional level.

6.    Once a ball is making its way into the infield the play is stopped. Making its way into the infield is defined as the outfield player having thrown the ball to the infield with the ball in the air.

7.    When a team scores 5 runs in their one half of the inning then that team's portion of the inning is over, and the other team will then bat.

8.    Outfielders must all be positioned on the grass until contact is made with the ball. When the game is being played on one of the larger fields, coaches should use judgment to position players at an equivalent depth to the age-appropriate fields.

9.    The length of a game is determined by time not innings. There is no limit to the number of innings you play in your time frame. No new inning can start after I hour and 10 minutes of play.

10. First base coach will umpire first base. 3rd base coach will umpire 3rd base. Outfield coach will umpire 2nd base.

11. There is no stealing and home plate is closed. A runner may not lead off until the ball is hit by the batter. There is no bunting at the D level.

12. At least one new baseball must be used to start each game. This must be a league supplied Wilson A1010 baseball. The home team will provide the baseballs used for the game. The ball should be left on the mound between innings. If non-compliant ball is supplied, it results as a walk on defense or out on offense.

13. The pitcher is recommended to wear a protective face mask, or shield, which shall be supplied by the individual teams, unless otherwise supplied by the Dubuque Independent League.

14. If a Player or Coach is ejected from a game the penalties will be:

a.    First ejection will result in suspension of one game in addition to the remainder of the game where ejection occurred. The one game suspension must be served during the next team league game played.

b.    Second ejection will result in indefinite suspension from DILB sponsored games pending board review.

c.    Suspended individuals will not be allowed on complex grounds while suspension served games are being played.

d.    Suspension must be appealed to DILB Board for review

15. If a batter hits a fair ball and it hits the Coach Pitcher the play is immediately ruled dead, the batter returns back to the plate, all runners back to their original base, and no strike is counted.

NOTE: Absolutely no carry-ins are allowed in the complex. Individual water bottles are permitted.

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